Wednesday 19. October 2016, 18.00 Brno House of Arts

On the eve of the Exposition of New Music – exhibition opening

Relax, Ben. Benjamin Patterson (1934–2016)
An exhibition paying honour to the eminent Fluxus artist Benjamin Patterson

Exhibiting artists:
Eric Andersen, Sam Ashley, Michael Berger, Philip Corner / Phoebe Neville, Jozef Cseres, Rhodri Davies, Georg Dietzler, Charles Dreyfus, Annegret Heinl / Jan Steklík, Barbara Hindahl, József R. Juhász, hans w. koch, Benjamin Patterson, Jon Rose, Keith Rowe, H+T Stegmayer, The Lazy Anarchists, Wolfgang Traeger and others


Wednesday 19. October 2016, 20.00 PRAHA Forum for architecture and media

On the eve of the Exposition of New Music – party

Don´t condemn me, I´m only the double-bass player!
Benjamin Patterson (1934–2016)
Concert, party and listening room in honour of the recently passed away musician and performance artist Benjamin Patterson, eminent Fluxus artist.
BENJAMIN PATTERSON: Variations for Double-Bass (1961–1962)
BENJAMIN PATTERSON: Pavane for Flutes (1961–1962)

Marian Palla double bass
Kristina Rafailov and her elementary school of arts pupils flutes

Jozef Cseres plays and comments the works by Benjamin Patterson.

Thursday 20. October 2016, 19.30 Besední dům

Symphonic Concert – 50 years of Musica Elettronica Viva

RICHARD TEITELBAUM: Transition (1965 / 2016)
ALVIN CURRAN: Musique sans frontières (2016)
FREDERIC RZEWSKI: Scratch Symphony (1997)
MEV – collective improvisation (form for music that has no form) Curran, Rzewski, Teitelbaum

Sára Medková piano
Pavel Zlámal saxophone
Frajárenka, brass band from elementary school of arts Střelice
Brno Philharmonic & MEV
Zsolt Nagy conductor

Thursday 20. October 2016, 22.00 PRAHA Forum for architecture and media

Imaginary Landscape Party

Friday 21. October 2016, 19.00 Besední dům

Chamber Concert

Cluster ensemble from Bratislava with program Fifty which includes 28 Czech premieres for piano and electronics!

DANIEL MATEJ (When I’m) FIFTY for piano (Lullaby) (1997)
LOUIS ANDRIESSEN Two way ticket (2013)
MILAN ADAMČIAK Sonatura (2014)
HAUKE HARDER 9/3/19/63 (2013)
BORIS LENKO take off (2013)
ANDREA BEIER LENKO Simplicity (2013)
HORVÁTH BALÁZS 482 or 483 notes for your 50th birthday – Don’t ask, why! (2013)
MARIÁN LEJAVA blank page/hidden soul (2013)
PETER GRAHAM One Page (2013)
ELLIOTT SHARP And many more (2013)
TOMÁŠ BOROŠ Pre Daniela (2013)
DAVID DRAMM Pavane (2013)
EGIDIJA MEDEKŠAITĖ For Daniel Matej (2014)
CHRISTOPHER FOX Daniel’s Fifty (2013)
BOUDEWIJN BUCKINX For Daniel Matej: for 50 and many more (2014)
CHRIS NEWMAN 5 – C (2013)
PETER MACHAJDÍK Fifty seconds for Daniel (2014)
OWEN UNDERHILL Bagatelle (2013)
JON ROSE Happy Birthday Daniel (2013)
ROBERT KOLÁŘ In the Midst of Life… (2013)
JURAJ VAJÓ Part III. Theme (2013)
FRÉDÉRIC IÑIGO Bon anniversaire, Daniel (2013)
PHILIP CORNER Homo Ignorans (2013)
MARTIN BURLAS Valčík úľavy venovaný Danielovi Matejovi (2013)
MICHAEL BLAKE The hymns of Ntsikana Gaba into 50 seconds (2013)
FERO KIRÁLY Haiku (2014)
IVAN ŠILLER For Daniel (2014)
PIET-JAN VAN ROSSUM Z Hlávkova mostu (2013)

Cluster ensemble:
Ivan Šiller klavír, elektronika
Fero Király objekty, programování

Friday 21. October 2016, 21.00 Besední dům

Recital (saxophone)

CHRISTIAN LAUBA: Hard for tenor saxophone (1988)
SIMON STEEN-ANDERSEN: De profundis for soprano saxophone (also playing percussion) (2000)
GIACINTO SCELSI: Tre pezzi for tenor or baritone saxophone (1956)
PAVEL ZLÁMAL: work commissioned by the festival (2016)

Pavel Zlámal saxophones

Friday 21. October 2016, 22.30 Besední dům and PRAHA Forum for architecture and media

Imaginary Concerts – Accept Party

Jan Hubáček’s documentary movie Accept about the composer Lucie Vítková will be screened in the foyer of the Besední dům.

Lucie Vítková will appear in PRAHA as an on-line DJ from New York City.

Saturday 22. October 2016, 15.00 PRAHA Forum for architecture and media

Children’s Musical Workshop

Screening with live performance for children aged 6+

For more information and to register, please see:

Saturday 22. October 2016, 19.00 Besední dům

Chamber Concert

IANNIS XENAKIS: Kottos for solo cello (1977)
ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI: Nerve Cell_0 for cello and electronics (2012)

Anton Lukoszevieze cello


ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI: Fluster for bass guitar and electronics (2010)

Kasper T. Toeplitz bass guitar and electronics

Saturday 22. October 2016, 21.00 Besední dům

Recital (vocal)

ROBERT ASHLEY Tract (1955)
ANNEA LOCKWOOD Duende (1998)
– –
ALVIN LUCIER Music for Baritone and Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators (1993)

Thomas Buckner baritone
Ladislav Mirvald electronics

Saturday 22. October 2016, 22.30 PRAHA Forum for architecture and media

Imaginary Concerts – Fields for a Better World

GROUP: I want to record nonstop – 100 hours of active recording

Filip Johánek, Jan Solčani recording

Sunday 23. October 2016, 18.00 Besední dům

Chamber Concert

PETRA MACHKOVÁ: Through a Dream, fantasy for flute solo (2012–2013)
TOMÁŠ PÁLKA, MICHAELA PLACHKÁ: Shading for soprano, viola, cello and double bass (2014)
MARTIN MAREK: Room no. 29 (2004)
MAREK KOPELENT: I believe… for soprano, violin, viola, cello, double bass and piano (2013)
ONDŘEJ ŠTOCHL: Šeptet for clarinet solo, piano trio violin, guitar and double bass (2014)

Irena Troupová soprano
Zuzana Bandúrová flute, Jiří Mráz clarinet, Matěj Vlk, Irena Štochlová violin, Ondřej Štochl viola, Sebastian Tóth cello, Ondřej Melecký double bass, Eva Hutyrová piano, Jan Tuláček guitar
Andrea Hora Krausová conductor

Sunday 23. October 2016, 20.00 Besední dům

Recital (piano)

IVAN FEDELE Études boréales (1990)
I. Deciso
II. Calmo e meditativo
III. Un poco inquieto
IV. Con ampio respiro
V. Vivo – Moderato
MATTHIAS PINTSCHER Whirling Tissue of Light (2013) – Czech premiere
PETR BAKLA First Movement and Variations (2012) – world premiere
PETR BAKLA Melody and Accompaniment (Octaves, Scales, Repetitions IV, 2007)
FRANCESCO FILIDEI Preludio e Filastrocca (2011–2013) – Czech premiere

Emanuele Torquati – klavír

Festival café: PRAHA Forum for architecture and media
Husova 18, courtyard of the Pražák Palace, Moravian Gallery

Throughout the festival there will be a special offer of food and drink.


Programmes are subject to change!